The pre-school classes for three and four-year olds at Alpine Academy have pre-academic curricula. Rather than subject-area based, they are centered on the development of those skill areas that are needed for success in elementary school. Since children of pre-school age are rapidly acquiring skills and vary widely in the areas of child development, the goal is to even those skills in preparation for kindergarten. Pre-schoolers at Alpine Academy experience activities in fine and gross motor; language, listening, and speaking (particularly in vocabulary development); pre-literacy and math; general knowledge; health; and social and emotional skills development. They are introduced to letters, words, numbers, and books. In addition, preschoolers attend physical education and music classes. The four-year olds also attend computer lab and Spanish language classes. They learn that God loves them and that Jesus told us to love one another. Full-day students receive a state-mandated nap after lunch recess.